HUNTINGTON, Ind. (FDN) Residents in the city of Huntington will be rushing to the polls on November 5th. The position of mayor is open and three major candidates are fighting for the seat in city hall. This election could potentially effect the Huntington University campus. Each candidate discussed the importance of this local election to HU students.

Larry Buzzard defeated current mayor Brooks Fetters for the Republican candidacy during the primary election in May. Buzzard is the District 2 County Commissioner and the owner of a small business in Roanoke, Spokesman Cycling.

“If I can help Huntington University, and students enjoy their stay in Huntington and they can help us; you know, it’s a great partnership,” said Buzzard.

Richard Strick currently serves on the Huntington City Council. He previously served as lead pastor of St. Peter’s First Community Church. Strick lost the Republican candidacy but kept himself in the race as an independent.

“Local elections matter because leadership matters, and the values of a community begin at the top,” said Strick

Johnnie Hiles is also running as an independent candidate for mayor of Huntington. She works as an addiction counselor and desires to see the community thrive for future generations.

“I wanna see my grandchildren be able to stay in the community, have things to do, thrive,” said Hiles.

Polls will be open from 6a.m. to 6p.m. All six voting locations will be open.

Huntington County Courthouse, 201 N Jefferson St, Huntington.

Heritage Hall, County Fairgrounds, 631 E Taylor St, Huntington

YMCA, 1160 W – 500 N, Huntington

Nazarene Church, 1555 Flaxmill Rd, Huntington

Cottage Event Center, 9524 US 24 N, Roanoke

Warren Church of Christ, 302 N Main St., Warren