HUNTINGTON, Ind. (FDN) Evan Clark and Lauren Frischman, HU’s current Resident Directors for Wright Hall and Baker/Roush Halls, have decided it’s time for them to step down from their positions as Resident Directors.

FDN’s Justin Witters sat down with them to talk about their time, and to hear what they’ll be doing next. Lauren Frischman (Baker/Roush Hall Resident Director) shared the following:

“The Lord made it really evident to me that I was supposed to work here and I was graduating and was so faithful in making that happen and made it even more than what I thought it would be. You know, just getting to be in so many different spaces and getting to work with I say be I never knew that was going to be a part of my plan for my life in And he has made it just as evident to me that it’s time to leave and pursue some new opportunities that I’m really excited about.”

Angel Moyer (Roush Hall Resident Assistant) spoke on her experience with Lauren.

“Lauren is one of the most community centered people that I know. She cares so much about making sure that people are connected to each other and that they like that this place feels like home to people.” Angel added, “The whole time. Working under under lauren and as her r.a. I have felt as though h.u is home and it’s a community because of the residence halls that she oversees.”

Evan Clark (Wright Hall Resident Director) explained his reason for stepping away.

“So I decided to leave my position just ultimately because the Lord was calling me to do so. Um, I actually thought I’d be here for a little bit longer, but I was getting the sense for a few months that God was telling me to prepare to leave HU.” Evan clarified, “The RDA job involves a lot of things and you often wear a lot of hats between uh, answering sit ins via email and administrative work. Um, to, uh, meeting with students and having hard conversations and um, meeting people in some of the hardest places in their lives.

Braydon Hathaway (Wright Hall Resident Assistant) shared his thoughts on working with Evan.

“Just in general, he’s just always around. Whenever his door is open, he says hi to everybody. He makes it his duty and his job to make sure that he knows everybody’s name, which I think is really cool because or the 100 guys in Ray Hall. So the fact that he’s able to get everyone’s name, I think is really important.” Braydon continued, “He’s just a great guy. I’m definitely going to miss him next year. I know it was a really hard decision for him deciding to step away from the already role.

Lauren Frischman added the following:

“I think a huge thing that I have learned here is the value of hearing someone’s experience, you know, and just just valuing the fact that we all have such a different experience and we bring so much to the table when we sit down with another person, whether that’s, you know, past relationships or a trauma that they’ve experienced or just whatever is happened in their lives, that’s made them who they are. And if you take the time to listen to them and care about them and empathize with them, then you’re going to have a great relationship with them.”

Lauren Frischman has accepted a job at Pathfinder Services in Huntington, where she will be working as an employee experience specialist, assisting in the training and on-boarding of new employees.