HUNTINGTON, Ind. (FDN) A newer bakery in the Huntington area that you might not have heard of, Bear and Beak, sells all sorts of different desserts with options for those with allergies.

Bakery owner Sharon Metzger and her husband are former alumni of H-U and are continuing their journey through their new business.

Opened to the community last July, the bakery is located downtown and is looking to open a new location to become more accessible to the public.

Metzger invites everyone to come try their bakery products that are inclusive to those with restricted diets. Sharon remarked regarding student customers,

“We love meeting new people and having first-time customers, so any college students that wanna come down or folks that are just interested in hearing about, like seeing what we offer and tasting our products, we’d love to have you join us!”

Bear and Beak welcomes any first-time or returning customers to try their products.