The 25th Olympiad brings school spirit to HU



HUNTINGTON, IN (FDN)- The annual HU Olympiad commenced on October 25th with loud cheers and crazy costumes adorned by students ranging from cows or planets.

The four teams (Ornamints, NASA, Mooroon, and Gold) presented their flags to judges in various displays. The Gold team told the story of King Midas, Mooroon held a competition of people vs. cows, NASA landed on the moon, and the Ornamints recreated “How the Grinch Stole Christmas.”

With the first victory of the night going to the Mooroon team for their flag presentation, the Limbo competition was met with fierce competition but ended in a draw between the Gold and Mint teams. However, the draw did not stun the Mint team as they received victory in both tug-a-war and dodgeball. NASA snagged a win in the musical chairs that was later commented not to be the childhood game we remember.

The night came to a close with speed-walking as the final event. The race was held first between boys then the girls. After a long but speedy battle, the Mooroon team won for the boys speed-walking, and Gold gained a win for the girls speed-walking.

Air Band, Family Feud, Don’t forget the lyrics, and Accapella

On October 27, Olympiad teams competed in the Zurcher Auditorium in many different games such as Air Band, Family Feud, Don’t Forget the Lyrics, and Accapella.

In Air Band the teams performed many different song and told stories throughout their performances. The first team to perform was the Gold team who performed songs like. They told the story of how there was a king and he wanted to start a band and so they performed a variety of songs to please the king. The second performance was by the team Ornamints. The band “Mintallica” performed the song “All I want for Christmas is you” while doing some parkour on stage. The next performance was the Mooroon team who put on Carrie Underwood’s “Cowboy Casanova”. With the unique look-a-like Andrew Bower as Carrie herself for the Nasa team.