HUNTINGTON, IN (FDN)- As the Midterm elections on November 6th come closer, many Huntington University students feel uninformed about the candidates and where they can vote.

“I am not keeping with politics right now,” said freshman Emily Rorick. “If I were to vote, I would not know where to go.”

“I am planning on voting in November,” said sophomore Marissa Cobb.”I am not planning on filling out an absentee form, but I probably will have to cause I don’t know where I go to vote.”

“I wasn’t planning to,” said senior James Newton. “No, I do not feel informed enough to decide for the state of Indiana, I am from Illinois. I don’t know here in Huntington where to go. I have not been told.”

“Yes, I am going to vote,” said junior Jacob Osborn. “I am pretty sure there are a couple of churches here in town that I can vote. I am a commuter, so I live in Huntington.”

Professor of Political Science, Dr. Dwight Brautigam, is very passionate about the topic of voting and discusses the importance of the opportunity to vote. “They have more at stake in more ways than anybody else because they are going to be tax-paying adults for the next 60-70 years maybe longer even,” said Brautigam. “Decisions will be made now on where their money is going. The choices are going to made, and they need a voice in that!”

The State of Indiana offers mailed in absentee voting till October 29th. If you are from Huntington county, you can find where you have to vote here.