HUNTINGTON, Ind. (FDN) Huntington University hosted a Red Cross blood drive in the upper DC on Tuesday in direct response to a nationwide shortage.

Students, professors, and community members alike all came to support Huntington at the blood drive.

“It’s important to give blood primarily because we’re running really low on blood in hospitals across the United States and worldwide,” said HU student Grace Krapfl. “If you can donate, donate, and if you can’t, try.”

Giving blood is a life-saving action, and requires nothing more than an ID and some time.

Besides the satisfaction of doing something good, Huntington also offered up a variety of incentives for students to show up and roll the sleeve.

“Officer Cochran – Keirsh Cochran – agreed to take a pie in the face if we get enough student donors, so with the amount of student donors we’ve had at the blood drive, I believe we’ve met that goal,” said Friesen Center Director Anita Watson. “On March 10 at chapel during our service emphasis week Officer Cochran will get a pie in the face.

Huntington hopes to continue its partnership with Red Cross for years to come.

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