Huntington, IN (FDN) – For the past several weeks, we have put together a short series on our podcast called Senior Conversations. We put this series together as a way to help honor seniors at Huntington University despite having the end of their senior year together taken away.

For the final episode of Senior Conversations, Miss Emma Grace interviewed the entire Forester Digital Network Senior class to talk about their experience at HU as a whole. This episode will give you a taste of the bonds that are formed in our department and what it means to be a Forester as a broadcasting major. You also will learn the dreams and aspirations of each of them after graduation despite Covid-19. For this special finale, however, we have not only an audio version but a video version as well that you can access below!

Senior Conversations| Finale

I would like to thank everyone that has helped make Senior Conversations as a possibility despite COVID -19. Thank you to my team for working hard on getting your interviews and going above and beyond to get them completed. Thank you to our guests for taking the time to talk to us about your experiences at HU. Finally, thank you to the listeners helping us honor our seniors by taking the time to listen to these episodes.

As always…Stay Rooted HU,
Miss Emma Grace
Station Manager