HUNTINGTON, Ind. (FDN) — A long time gaming store in Huntington has unpacked,  powered on, and is ready for college students to return.

Owner Todd Nightenhelser had his gaming store on North Jefferson St in downtown Huntington for 20 years. But this past spring, Nightenhelser leveled up and moved TCB Games into the old library building on East Park Drive.

“I had owned this building since 2013,” said Nightenhelser. “I bought this building to save it from destruction. And when you own a building this awesome, you do not want it to go to waste.”

Along with saving a historic building of Huntington’s past, Nightenhelser hopes the new location can lead to HU college students embracing the space for clubs and even talk of opening a sandwich shop made for HU students and other college-age kids.

“I would like to sponsor HU clubs and allow them to use basement space to host them,” said Nightenhelser, “If you can’t win with the best internet available, you have a problem.”

TCB Games sells used video games ranging from SEGA to Nintendo. If you are looking to make extra cash for college, Nightenhelser will happily purchase from you and even give you store credit towards any future purchases.