Student Influencers

People from all over the world have gained huge followings on app's like instagram and TikTok. Some even using the platforms to make money. Here at H-U, FDN's Tyler Brown spoke with a few students that might come up on your "For You" page.

Forester Sports Update 4-21-22

This week in Forester sports, baseball and softball.

Two HU Resident Director’s leaving after this semester

Evan Clark and Lauren Frischman, HU's current Resident Directors for Wright Hall and Baker/Roush Halls, have decided it's time for them to step down from their positions as Resident Directors.

Huntington county gains and loses public electric scooters

After appearing for little more than a week, the city of Huntington has removed all electric scooters. 

Bear & Beak bakery in downtown Huntington welcomes guests

A newer bakery in the Huntington area that you might not have heard of, Bear and Beak, sells all sorts of different desserts with options for those with allergies.

On the mound with Erin Rethlake, Huntington’s new softball coach

Erin Rethlake brings D1 experience to Forester softball team.