HUNTINGTON, Ind. (FDN) Forester Radio may begin to sound a little different. The radio station will be adding a new Christian Rap show from 8-9 on Saturday night’s called Saturday CarTunes. For the show’s new host, this is a dream come true.

“I remember containing my excitement,” said broadcasting senior Jacob Osborn, “I got out in the hallway and then I just threw my hands in the air and was like, ‘yes.’”

Hosting a Christian hip hop show had been in his mind since deciding his major. Influenced by artists like nobigdyl. and 1K Phew, Osborn aspired to spread the message of Christ through this artform. He wanted to create something that could be heard on NGEN, a radio station in Houston, Texas purely centered around Christian rap.

When Osborn joined Forester Radio, the radio station was preparing to go through major changes regarding it’s sound. They shifted to more of a folk music vibe, which heavily conflicted with the style of Osborn’s dream show.

For his first three years on campus, Osborn’s proposal for a Christian hip hop spot was repeatedly shut down because of the musical conflict.

After establishing their sound over the last couple years, the station began adding small shows to its weekly schedules. This began with BamTalk, a talk show starring HU student Andrew Bower.

This year the station decided to give Osborn a green light for his senior year.

“I had no hope,” Osborn said. “I really didn’t think it was going to happen and thought about mentally preparing to move on.”

Fortunately for Osborn, these plans for mental preparation for failure could be replaced by preparation to go live.

Osborn’s show, Saturday CarTunes, will be played live Saturday nights from 8 pm-9 pm on Forester Radio, 105.5 WQHU or at