HUNTINGTON Ind. (FDN)- Regardless of whether they want to or not, HU has paid just over $3,000 for incoming freshman to take the CliftonStrength Assessment. This move has caused controversy between students.

“I don’t think that it is necessary to, first of all, be forced to take this test,” said sophomore film production major and Alpha group mentor Hannah Taylor, who took the test last year as an incoming freshman. “Second of all, there’s a lot of online personality testing resources that kind of have the same principles as this. So I think there are a lot of free alternatives to this if that’s what they are looking for.”

In an Instagram Poll of about 45 HU students who had taken the test, 64.4% voted that the test was a waste of time compared to being beneficial, and 93.5% said that the test was not worth spending money on.

Though majority leans against the CliftonStrength Assessment, there are still several HU students who feel positively about the test.  

“I think it was really interesting to see some of the characteristics that you were given after the test, so I think it was pretty worth it,” said freshman Cory Dunivan, who a just taken the test a few weeks prior to the interview.

The CliftonStrength Assessment is 177 questions test that tells its takers their top five strengths within the categories of Executing, Influencing, Relationship Building, and Strategic Thinking. Some examples of these strengths are empathy and positivity, which fall under the scope of Relationship Building. Students have compared the CliftonStrength Assessment to the Enneagram and Myers-Briggs personality tests, which are both free to takers.

Some administration has pointed the benefit the test gives students.

HU Dean of Students Brian Jaworski told us via email interview that “The main point of giving students this opportunity is to help students identify how they can overcome challenges, experience a sense of belonging on-campus, and be equipped for life after HU.”

In the same Instagram poll mentioned earlier, two-thirds of students answered that they felt the test results were accurate.

Wright Hall Resident Director, Evan Clark uses the strength finder to help develop the skills of his RA’s. He keeps a list of all the Wright Hall RA’s on a spreadsheet and will meet with them to discuss how to build on their skills. He acknowledged the benefits faculty can have by knowing their student’s strengths and weaknesses.

“I can definitely understand why some students see it as a waste,” said Clark. “However, as I have dug into it more and used it for my past and current positions, I see that it is well worth the money.”

FDN has been informed that the test will be given to the freshman classes of the next two years. The survey results and CliftonStrengths Assessment link can be found below.

Would you consider the test beneficial or a waste of time?

Beneficial-16 votes (36.6%) Waste of Time- 29 votes (64.4%)

Do you feel as if your results were accurate?

Yes- 28 votes (66.7%) No- 14 votes (33.3%)

Would you say the test is worth spending money on?

Yes- 3 votes (6.5%) No- 43 votes (93.5%)