HUNTINGTON, Ind. (FDN) — When walking around downtown Fort Wayne, you can find them on the street corners and underneath bridges. According to the leaders at the Rescue Mission there are 2500 homeless or near-homeless people reside in the city of Fort Wayne.

The Fort Wayne Rescue Mission is a group that helps the homeless or near-homeless with whatever they need to get off the streets. They have programs for people who are needing a home, breaking addictions, or going through a rough spot.

“We provide, through the power of Jesus Christ, a home for the homeless, food for the hungry, and hope for their future,” said Natalie Trout, director of marketing and communications at the Rescue Mission.

The Rescue Mission’s main goal is to provide a safe place for the homeless or anyone who needs a place to stay. The many programs and classes help people get back on their feet and find a job.

Everette Coleman and Keith Hargrove are currently going through a long-term program. They talk about how choices they made put them on the street and how they came to the Rescue Mission.

“I wasn’t homeless. I was hopeless,” said Coleman.

“I was pretty out there drinking and drugging, I wasn’t paying my bills because I chose to get high.” said Hargrove.

They told of rough patches, pains, and heartache — and how the Rescue Mission is walking beside them to built them back up.

Life hasn’t been easy for the men in this shelter, but through the Rescue Mission they are taking a step toward recovery and abundant life.

If you want to help with donations or volunteer work, click here for more information.